The Sales Accelerator System: Create your first Go To Market Strategy in just 2 hours!

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Start & Scale with the step by step process focused on growing and scale your sales flow 

The Sales Accelerator System is a digital course that you can watch whenever you want.

It contains tactical action plans that will guide you throughout the process.

It is a very powerful tool either you are just starting your career either you are looking for new more solid ways to improve your results.

The course is the result of my experience over the last 13+ years as Founder (3x), CEO, Strategic Business advisor and mentor. It is suggested for people involved in the sales process (directly or indirectly), for senior Managers or Founders (especially solopreneurs) and for freelance.

You will find everything you need to know to unlock your sales potential and create your first multichannel acquisition strategy.

Learn how to grow and improve your lead pipeline, build a fully automated sales team, use a multi-channel acquisition strategy, and make the most of competitive intelligence.

What you will learn:

  1. To focus on the numbers that really matter
  2. To create a quality network in a relatively short time
  3. To use the social media as the best online business card ever
  4. To create a multichannel acquisition strategy
  5. To use the competitive advantage
  6. To create your fully automated sales team in 3 days

What you will get:

  1. Structured digital files and videos that will guide you through the process
  2. Resource files to start your activity
  3. Tactical Action Plans

In less than 2 hours you'll have clarity on what your sales process should look like, create your fully automated sales team and initiate your campaigns and as a result you will experience:

  1. More time to allocate to what really matters
  2. Increase the quality of your network
  3. Increase of visibility and demos/meetings
  4. Start the process to scale your company

What people are saying:

"In any position you have in any company you work at you are a salesman. To be a great salesman even though I have never officially been one, you need two main factors. 1. Have a great product - especially if you are the product. 2. Tell a great story! If you are looking for help with these and many more sales strategies for you or your teams talk to Pasquale Rufrano I highly recommend him, his expertise and experience. Mark Gassner - Director of Technical Operations at Cybereason"

"Pasquale helped me to better define and plan our sales strategy. We are still in contact as I decided to consult frequenty with him. I highly recommend taking his course and the advanced live sessions as follow up. Stefano Perini - CEO & Founder at Ivi communication "

"Pasquale's course helped my startup a lot. Great Sales acceleration strategy. Definitely helped me scale up faster than I imagined. Thanks to the course and the boost we got we were accepted to a very important accelerator program in the USA. Limore Pelleg - CEO & Co-Founder at STRIV3"

"The Sales accelerator and Pasquale really helped us in finding scalabel strategies for the sale of our SaaS solution. Moreover every advice from Pasquale was very practical. Michele Lorenzini - Co-Founder & CEO at SENTRIC "

"The Sales accelerator system is very well made and helped me connect the dots about creating a strategy that matters. Thank you Pasquale for such great course! Jordi Ponti - Social Media strategist Freelance"

What is included:

  • 18 Video Lessons + 1 Video Bonus surprise
  • 3 Action Plans (operational)
  • 1 Resource File (downloadable)

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Outstanding step by step process

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The Sales Accelerator System: Create your first Go To Market Strategy in just 2 hours!

14 ratings
I want this!