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Dream Big: 2+1 session with me (Focus on Sales)

Pasquale Rufrano

You need a tailor made Sales Accelerator System based on your actual needs with a complete competitive intelligence analysis and a multichannel acquisition strategy that fits to YOU and to your company?

​With the Sales Accelerator System extended version you will get: 

- 1 initial session to brainstorm and get your business needs
- 2 tactical sessions of Sales Accelerator System' where I will show how to apply the model to your reality and how to create an integrated multichannel sales process
- free access to my personal community and network

- on top you will get free copy of the Sales Accelerated System video course


In any position you have in any company you work at you are a salesman. To be a great salesman even though I have never officially been one, you need two main factors. 1. Have a great product - especially if you are the product. 2. Tell a great story! If you are looking for help with these and many more sales strategies for you or your teams talk to Pasquale Rufrano I highly recommend him, his expertise and experience.

Mark Gassner - Cybereason

Pasquale really helped us in finding scalable strategies for the sale of our Saas solution. Moreover every advice from Pasquale was very practical.

Michele Lorenzini - Sentric

Pasquale helped me to better define and plan our sales strategy. We are still in contact. I advise.

Stefano Perini - IVI Communication

I am Giuseppe Cofone, CMO and Co-founder of Alteredu, the largest online certified courses platform in Italy. We have enjoyed working with Pasquale as strategic advisor and as sales advisor. Since we work together we have improved our structure and created a solid growth plan

Giuseppe Cofone . ALTEREDU

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Dream Big: 2+1 session with me (Focus on Sales)

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